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Lots of Good Stuff Going On!

Hello again!

Lots going on around here!! Daughter's wedding plans... College Graduation.....Expanding my cake business!!

First we have a venue picked for the wedding! YAY!! A winery tucked in the Ramona Mountains! Love love it!! September 22, 2018 I will have a married daughter! OMG!

Second That same daughter is graduating from Cal State Fullerton next month!! So proud I could bust! She's worked so incredibly hard and I'm so happy for her!

Third I am going to be expanding my cake business to take on more orders and be available for more tastings. I'm really excited to be able to focus on my home based business and my home.

When I started out I had maybe one order a month. Now I have multiple and turn away more than I take. Now its the time to JUMP!

Take Care!


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